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The “Valle Verde” domain is partially named after the surrounding natural gem “Damvallei” with moors and grassland, originated from the meandering river Scheldt and is now a protected recreational natural reserve around an artificial pond from the previous century, and at the same time reflects the inspiration behind the Valle Verde “Green Valley” mission to embrace and spread novel ecological technologies.

Entirely built and conceived to the wishes and ingenious imagination of its previous owners, the domain is now an excellent environment to receive global guests and business partners, conveniently located just minutes away from the village of Destelbergen, the E17, R4, and E40 motorway junction and the medieval city center of Ghent.

The Valle Verde domain and facilities can be made available for events, photo shoots, music clips or filming location, but also for special gatherings or important meetings, quietly away from the public.

example: Happy House – Shindu

Damvalleistraat 51, 9070 Destelbergen

Contact: ir. Paul Vermeulen

Phone: +32(0)475/71.77.74

Email: paul@vermeulen.com

Impressions of the exterior

Park - Pool & Garden - Terrace & Bbq house

Impressions of the interior

Meeting Rooms

“The white room” with maximum natural light overlooks the beautiful south facing garden-park with large terrace and heated pool. Floor and ceiling in white oil treated wooden trusses and planks from old castles. Large meeting table and spacious white leather parlour lounge


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